Commercial Real Estate Guide

Commercial Real Estate Terminology

Absolute Net:
Lease requiring tenant to pay in addition to base rent all costs associated with the operation, repair and maintenance of the building, all

Net Effective Rent

Net EffectiveRent is the true measurement of the value of the lease from both the Landlord’s and Tenant’s perspective. To effectively negotiate leases, it’s important to

Tenant Improvement Allowance

Negotiating Tenant Improvement Allowance
Tenant improvement allowance is the landlord’s largest single investment in leasing office buildings and is the financial contribution landlord makes in

Rentable vs Usable square feet

Understanding the rentable vs usable square feet “Load Factor”.

What is Usable Square feet:

Usable Square feet is the actual space the tenant occupies. For example,

SBA 504 Loans

Real estate financing for business owners

The Small Business Administration 504 loans are designed to provide financing for the purchase of fixed assets which often

What is a Ground Lease

Ground leases for commercial real estate development can be a viable option for both land owners and tenants for many purposes. A commercial ground lease

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