Colorado Department of Labor reported 10,800 jobs were added in February which brought down the Colorado unemployment rate to 7.2%, the lowest level in four years. This is the eighth consecutive monthly decline in Colorado’s unemployment and down 1 percent from 8.2% a year ago. Colorado’s unemployment reached its highest point in October 2010 at 9.1%. Year over year, total employment in the state was up 44,700, while the labor force was up 18,600 and unemployed declined by 26,200. The private sector added 10,100 jobs and the public sector added 700 jobs. Colorado payroll jobs stood at 2,352,900 which were 62,800 more than a year ago.  Some of the sectors that benefited the most were professional and business services, hospitality, leisure, trade, transportation and utilities. Unemployment nationwide stood at 7.7% in February.