Industrial Space and Warehouse in Denver, Colorado for Lease

Comprehensive industrial leasing representation. Urban Realty provides tenants and landlords with unparalleled service and attention to details large and small. Whether it’s for new leases or renewals, expansions, relocations, sublease or renegotiations, Urban Realty has the professional expertise, transaction knowledge to assist tenants and landlords and delivering innovative solutions.

Tenant Representation. Focusing on your needs, Urban Realty understands that tenants requirements for Denver industrial space involves many facets beyond tenant’s business financial and operation goals. We gather market information and align it with Tenant’s requirements such as location, railway, ceiling heights, highway access and loading docks. Urban Realty looks beyond rental rates, market conditions and collaborates with tenant to achieve best possible short and long term solutions.

Our services Include:

  • Methodically analyze tenant’s industrial space requirements.
  • Incorporate tenant’s business objectives and strategies in order to formulate the ideal solution.
  • Applying in-depth knowledge and research to identify locations that meets your logistical needs.
  • Collaborate with tenant to evaluate options that best suit Tenant’s short and long term needs.
  • Evaluate alternative options to leasing such as acquisition or build-to suit.
  • Researching and evaluating other criteria beyond rental rates to ensure any facility meets your timing, transportation and infrastructure needs.
  • Negotiate lease terms to protect tenant’s financial interests and minimize tenant’s exposure.

Landlord Representation. With our knowledge of the Denver industrial market, we understand of how to strategically position a property in the marketplace to attract and retain quality tenants to ensure a successful lease. We have a thorough understanding of your short and long term leasing including tenant mix and building features. We have an established relationship within the industry and brokerage community which provides landlords a competitive advantage and an understanding of current market and future trends.

Our services Include:

  • Methodically analyze tenant mix and building features.
  • Develop a strategic plan and analyzing pricing options.
  • Create comprehensive marketing and leasing plan.
  • Manage all details to ensure affective marketing.
  • Promote and market through our relationships with other leasing agents and brokers.
  • Expose and attract quality tenants to property.
  • Negotiate lease terms to protect landlord’s financial interests and minimize landlord’s exposure.
  • Maintain existing tenants and ensure retention.

For further information about an Industrial Space or Warehouse in Denver for lease or for purchase, please contact Urban Realty today.