Master developer Forest City Stapleton Inc. is planning to add sizable office development to and around the commercial and residential real estate mix at Stapleton. This could be the next Denver Tech Center in 10-15 years, said John Lehigh, president and CEO of Forest City Stapleton Inc. Forest City is optimistic due several factors including:

  • The Central Park Boulevard Bridge over Sand Creek, connecting the estimated 11,000 Stapleton residents south of Interstate I-70 to Northfield and the north side of Stapleton, opens in May.
  • In the next couple of months, seven homebuilding companies are starting on the first single family residential homes north of I-70 in which the first phase will consist of almost 500 units of single family homes and apartments and condos.
  • The Regional Transportation District’s 22.8 mile commuter rail line between Denver Union Station and Denver International Airport is being built, and is scheduled to open in January 2016, with a stop at Central Park.

Forest City estimate the office development will generate approximately $22 million in annually property taxes and about $13 million in sales tax revenue. Drury Hotel expects to complete 180 room motel on the north east corner of I-70 and Central Park Blvd. Also construction is nearing completion on a 100 unit apartment complex on the north side.